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Anonymous asked: How much would it be for the waist-up full colored, with two people? Just double the original amount, right?


currently price is per character, so yep!

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longle95 asked: Hello! Did you see the new Persona 5 trailer? If so, what are your thoughts on the new protag? I think he's perty cute. : )



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open for Head-shot, Bust-shot, Full-Body, and Chibi commissions!!

Commission form
Commission type: (Headshot/Bustshot/Fullbody/Chibi, lineart/flatcolor/fullcolor)
Reference image/photo/description:
Extra notes:
*(optional)Specific art-style: (This can be from anything I’ve drawn, though extra fees for more complex styles so let me know what you’d like and I’ll give you a price!)

Commissioning Process

if you have any questions feel free to contact me at!

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some kind of coloring practice ??

some kind of coloring practice ??

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Anonymous asked: /dork moment in process - As an artist who really want to make a name for them self online, you're so damn inspiring! Any tips for the aspiring babies out there? I think you've helped me to rekindle my flame, thank you. :) <3


I’m really glad!!
I think the best advice that comes to mind is just keep creating things, and sharing them with the public, while continuing practicing and improving your art
and it sounds cheesy BUT put your heart into the things you create, because thats super important in art for both the artist and the viewers
also its important to not get discouraged by other artists, but to be inspired by them!
hope that advice is helpful!:D

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some more 4PL animation practice \o/

some more 4PL animation practice \o/

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