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fanart of the pv "Two Breaths Walking"

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in honor of Kill La Kill’s final ep tomorrow!

"Fragile Dreams:: Thank you"

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found some practice animations I did awhile ago ??


"4-Panel-Life" styled character commissions!
$12 commission of you/your character/etc in the art-style of my comic 4-Panel-Life!

Commission form
Your name:
reference photo/image:
extra notes:
(if you have glasses and would like the trademark 4PL glasses glare, please let me know!)

Commissioning Process

Paypal only, send payment to Jen-Jen-Rose@hotmail.com

Time of commission completion will depend on how many I receive, but I will try and have them done as soon as possible!
Shouldn’t be more than a week, but I will post on my twitter if there’s any unforeseen delays

Extra info:
-I will accept commissions that include multiple people/characters in one image, but commission fee is still $12 per person/character
-if you have any questions about commissioning me, feel free to shoot me an email!
-You’re free to post the art you receive where ever you’d like, but please credit me as the artist!☆

for any of you that I haven’t heard, I am open for commissions in this style right now!

ColletexLloyd “Special Feeling”